Why Establish a Private Foundation

"Thousands of Americans are forfeiting millions of potential charitable dollars

(collectively, billions) each year because they are not taking advantage

of the numerous tax benefits for funding a foundation."

Silk and Lintott



Most of all, do you want to make a difference and impact some area of society?  Do you want to create something in which you and others can see results in changes for the better?

And are any of these charitable, financial or personal benefits attractive to you?


Enjoy simplicity

Have total control but not ownership

Transform tax dollars (no control) into charity dollars (full control)

Be protected from unnecessary liability

Empower lives through charitable work

Facilitate change in an area of society passionately important to you

Manage and control tax-free accumulation of Foundation assets

Be free of complex structuring issues

Donate to the Foundation free of gift or estate taxes

Eliminate capital gains tax, income tax and sales tax

Maintain complete legal control of the Foundation's assets

Create fiscal responsibility by directing tax dollars to a charity(ies) of choice

Establish a legacy that brings you closer to children and grandchildren

Bring focus to the legacy of the family’s name

Provide a training ground for younger generations

Build wealth for both your family and charity in the future

Share values and vision with peers and younger family members

Develop a deep understanding of stewardship and self-directing social capital

Receive an immediate 30% deduction on your personal income tax of donations to the Foundation (50% for operating foundations).

Feel fulfilled by being a grant-maker


“The more you give, the more you receive.”


There has been an immense surge in giving in recent years, due partly to an unprecedented increase in wealth.  As baby boomers enter retirement, they do so as the wealthiest and healthiest generation in history.  They have a great desire to create positive change regarding society’s many problems, and to preserve and self-direct the wealth they have created.  They have the highest level ever of good health, mobility and determination to make this happen.  The only thing missing has been the right tools, at the right time, used in just the right way to make these desires a reality.  A private charitable foundation is a perfect tool to accomplish these many and varied goals.


EPAJS makes it all possible