The universe is so crazy.  I started this project because it was in my heart.
I had no money at the time.  Yet, The more I gave the more amazing opportunities I received.
Now I have properties and wealth, and this charitable cause can now be used to protect assets and continue the charitable work.
It is true.  You reap what you sow.
I wish I could say I planned it but I would be a liar.  I just follow my heart and it never lets me down.
Greg, California
I am so excited to bring forth this vision embodied in my foundation.
It feels so aligned with all the gifts Creator has blessed me with.
I am also so grateful for you and the courageous work you do with such love and care.
Mahalo!  Icasiana, California
Bravo!  You have really produced an incredible amount of joy and direction for many new private charitable foundations.
I applaud your fine achievements in paying forward to help others.
Know how much you are appreciated by myself and so many others.
May we soon manifest our dreams and passions!  Leah, Hawaii
Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for shepherding me and my foundation through this process!
Here is the scanned letter.  Yippee!  Kyre, California
We got the approval!!
You have been a true blessing in my life and words cannot possibly express my gratitude.
But here it goes thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you!!
May the Universe bless you and yours eternally!  Hunter, Massachusetts
I am so excited to be getting things in place to accomplish this important work.
The process has all been smooth, easy and very empowering for us.
Thank you, thank you.  But the biggest spot where your light shone, Mary, was getting us through
the 1023 process.  We're approved!  Hooray! Charlie, Maryland
I am so excited to be getting things in place to accomplish this important work.
You have made bringing the dream into reality now possible.
With thanks to your wonderful and caring support things are zooming along
more than I could have ever imagined!
And by the way, when I took the trust papers to have them notarized,
the lady commented on how beautiful they looked.  Susan O, Nevada

Thanks for the kind words and I feel likewise, as well as give you credit
for pulling the creation of my foundation out of me.  Brian, California

Mary, my friend, thank you for helping me realize my burning passion
for helping humanity in some small way.  You have been a teacher for me
as well as a counselor in formulating a truly ethical and moral venue to inspire and bring forth knowledge
to those that cannot feel or see it.
My newly formed foundation has finally taken flight.
Your expertise and patience and time have been refreshing in this confusing world.
Thank you a million times over for being there.
Blessings to you, Mary.  Bettie, Illinois

Thanks for all your posts and counsel, prayers, caring and compassion!  
I appreciate someone not just professional but who is also a "real person" who's interested in my whole life,
not just sticking to "business as usual".  This is refreshing indeed.
Thanks!  Dave, Utah

Mary, your assistance and expertise is greatly appreciated.
I have all of the documents and attachments. Am ready to fax and send overnight.
You are simply the best.
So very grateful, Denise, Arizona

Dear Mary,You have been such a blessing to my son and me
in the starting of Sarah's Dream Foundation.
Thank you for all of your encouragement, support, guidance, and care
that you have shown me with the passing of my daughter.
You have truly made a difference in my life and have enabled this dream
to come into fruition to help other young women.
Your support has been so comforting during the most difficult time in my life.
I wish you many blessings in the future ahead.
With much gratitude, Rebecca, North Carolina

Mary you are the best!  Thanks for the piles of information on Foundations
and all the assistance in helping create ours.
Life is all about Dreams and you have made ours possible.
We are forever grateful.
Love you, Steve & Deborah at Bushwillows, California

Dear Mary, You were great yesterday--you just keep getting better and better.
Pat and I couldn't stop talking about the seminar and the wonderful people on our way home.
It was just so much fun to watch the enthusiasm build and grow--
it's infectious and was truly an inspiring experience.
By the end of the day everyone was treating everyone else as if we had known each other forever.
A Great Day!  Thank you again.  Love, Dotty, California

Mary...you little doll.  Thank you so much for letting me be the first article
in your first E-newsletter.  What an honor.
I can't say enough about your service.  It lets those of us who are born dreamers, dream with validity.
My dream has saved my life and hopefully I can spread the good
news to the far reaching parts of our planet.  My dream is on fire
and I will never give up until "mission accomplished".
Where have I heard that before?  Love you Mary. Rick, California