Mary Sherritt Russell

Mary SherrittEmpowering people to find their passion, help others and make a difference, has always been important to Mary.  So when she discovered that Private Charitable Operating Foundations are a 501(c)(3) tool within which individuals and families can operate and affect challenges in society, she committed to supporting people by creating these entities and teaching them how to manage and run their own private charitable foundation.  Anyone who loves to improve the lives of others can use this powerful financial set up.  Helping identify someone’s dream and how they desire to make a difference, with children or teens or the elderly or alternative health care or animals or the environment or any perceived need (and there are many!), and then empowering that dream with a structure for success, is an important mission to Mary. The name EPAJS (Energy, Passion, Attitude, Joy, Significance), speaks to her commitment to helping people express their vision, improving our world.

Mary's mission is about holding doors open for others, many of which she has already walked through.  Security feels very good to most of us, and change feels scary, but challenges call for shifts in attitudes and actions.  She is about access to transformational information, about offering opportunities for people to break up the human tendency to stay stuck in stagnant thinking, to understand how magnificent they really are, and about change to new perspectives and the resultant improvement in their own and other people's lives.  Included in this mission was a move to Maui to create and empower a metaphysical and educational Center, involving people of all ages, providing healing modalities and personal development, organic farming and sustainability, horse therapy for children, and hosting conferences, workshops and seminars, to focus on assisting individuals to empower themselves to become the best they can be, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and dimensionally.  
We are the ones we have been waiting for.
Hopi  Elders
Additionally, Mary has studied the power of color to heal.  She is a Certified International Consultant Teacher-Trainer with C. W. Designs, who pioneered the research into color as light and energy.  Their work identified the healing (or negative) effects the intensities of color in our clothing and our environment have on us as living beings.  Their research with autistic children and the correct use of color in each child’s environment resulted in every child’s behavior and abilities improving to “within normal range” in six months and a few noticeably improved in a few weeks.  Mary is passionate about color and fabrics, and she educates people on how to make color your asset and your friend in every area of your life. Mary also assists in wardrobe coordination so everything works and blends.  Color and wardrobe are done under her Classic Images label.
She also believes in holistic, alternative approaches to wellness and health.  From working with Henry Bieler, M.D., and Carey Reams' son as well as others, she feels that everything is energy, that balancing the body biochemically and emotionally are major keys to feeling great, and that everyone can attain this to a greater or lesser degree.  Everything is energy, every organ and body system has a unique energy frequency, and when a frequency gets out of alignment and changes from normal, symptoms and health issues, pain, discomfort or worse become our challenge.  Identifying the out-of-balance frequency and changing it to something closer to normal allows the body to heal itself as much as possible, which is what it is programmed to do.  We know this from getting a cut or bruise and observing the body heal that issue.  A biofeedback system she works with accomplishes the shift in frequencies and thus reduces inflammation and stress, and then the body will heal as much as it is able to.  When such issues are corrected, people can come to feel wonderful again, energy up, excited about life and happier.
Mary is now a published author, with her first book, "CATYA - Finding & Shifting What Still Holds You Back."  She has an extensive background in business ownership, leadership training, networking, organization and management, financial concepts and speedy debt payoffs, education and fund-raising.  Under her management, staff and volume tripled and revenues quadrupled at a home care agency.  In the US, China and Brazil, Mary developed and trained over 50,000 team entrepreneurs.  She taught leadership concepts, ran workshops and seminars and spoke to audiences of 1000 and more.  For a global spiritual development fellowship she served as an organizational consultant.  As a member of the Women’s Committee she has managed hundreds of volunteers and raised significant funds for the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra.

Mary has taught math and interior design / color concepts from elementary to high school, holds a California Life Credential, and has tutored many math students.  She also has remodeled homes based on her own ideas, designed kitchen and storage areas and organized offices.  She was editor of five published children’s books on American history.  For several years she has provided research and information to thousands regarding critically important events in American, English and European history which the majority of adults never understood, and without this information most people lack a clear picture of current political events and monetary system truths.
Don't ask yourself what the world needs.  Ask yourself what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
Harold Whitman
Her non-profit activities include Boards of Trustees memberships, as a Trustee of the EPAJS Foundation, the QUANTUM ENERGETICS Foundation, the FDWFTH Foundation, the LIFE ANGEL Foundation, the SVET Foundation FOR THE HUMAN BEING, the ALLOW LOVE Foundation, and the ANO ANO MAUI Foundation.
She attended Scripps College, George Washington University, is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, graduated from UCLA. and has a Master's Degree from Harvard University (both with honors).  Her maiden name is a derivative of Odin, the Norse name for God-King, and her Irish/Scottish/English lineage includes those assisting with the formation of the united states of America in the late 1700s, a great-great-great-great-grandfather who was a land developer and donated the land for the Boston Common to the City of Boston, and a grandfather who was the first Federal judge in the Philippines when the US took over in the early 1900s.  A paternal cousin was the CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank in Seattle, before it was moved to San Francisco.  She is happily married to Rod Russell (www dot AllowLove dot com) and they reside in Nevada and on Maui (Hawaii) with their two multidimensional cats.  She can be reached at myfoundation at